Duration 180 mins

The Earth’s body is like an ongoing choreography unfolding in time and space, traveling across the globe. Its resulting movements and dances are inscribed in the landscape.

Can we see and read them? How do we engage with them? TEKTO PARTY is a participatory excursion that bridges geological and artistic disciplines to activate new perspectives on the workings of our bodies, the body of society and the body of the Earth. The partner of this choreographic walk is therefore the Earth itself and our human knowledge of it, as well as our knowledge of contemporary dance.

“In 2022, I wished to finalise one stage of a long-term research project and, based on a series of individual scores, to create one score FOR and IN the landscape. The ultimate vision is a “geological – choreographic nature trail, where instead of information panels you would encounter instructions and invitations to be, to connect, to discover and to create. Meaningful connections.” ZBS

“In ecological performance art, artists, together with the audience and the environment, engage in an emancipated creative dialogue, which prototypes the disruption of hierarchical structures of society as well as an anthropocentric worldview.” MS


concept: Zden Brungot Svíteková movement and choreographic research: Zden Brungot Svíteková, Matthew Rogers scenario and dramaturgy: Marika Smreková performers: Marek Menšík, Marika Smreková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Matthew Rogers, Zden Brungot Svíteková costumes and production: Lucia Račková consultant: Mário Olšavský producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s. patrner: MOVE Ostrava z.s. with the support: MKCR, MHMP, SFK, The Nature of Us and Visegrad Fund thank you to: researchers and staff of Czech Geological Survey, Viktor Černický, FPU, Polka Dot, Centre For Choreographic Development s.es.st.a, Katarzyna Kania, Michaela Zemková, Benjamin Richter, Jana Ryšlavá, Daniela Hazuková and all those who joined the journey

6.10. 2022 for the Landscape | as part of the first International Day of Geodiversity
8.10.2023 for audiences of All Ages, Prokopské údolí, Prague

International Geodiversity Day is celebrated on 6.10.2022
Geodiversity encompasses the full breadth of Earth’s features, including geological, geomorphological, palaeontological, soil, hydrological and atmospheric features, systems and processes.
Australian Natural Heritage Charter, 1997
International Geodiversity Day was proclaimed by UNESCO at its 41st General Conference in 2021.