KUK festival
30. September, 2024

a sensory production for toddlers, parents, grandparents and non-parents

What captures your attention here and now, and what engages the attention of other children and adults in the audience? Welcome to a shared space where everybody is equal, being both creators and spectators at the same time, children and adults alike. Neényi is not only about the act of creation shared between the audience and the artists. Above all, it conveys a hope to revive the social value of caring for each other across generations. Neényi is about being together, kindness, compassion, social justice, collaboration and rest. It attempts to reconnect the world of families with the world of childfree people, the world of the little ones with the world of adults and ideally, the world of women with the world of men. Mutual understanding and awareness require our full presence.

Creative team: Lenka Jabůrková, Barbora Látalová, Anna Línová, Anna Romanovská, Marika Smreková
Guides through the show: dancer and choreographer Barbora Látalová, dancer and teacher Anna Línová, dramaturg and director Marika Smreková, scenographer Lenka Jabůrková, musician and teacher Anna Romanovská/ musician and teacher Petr Tichý, performer and musician Pasi Mäkelä
Light design: Katarina Morávek Ďuricová
Production: Lucia Račková
Photo and Video: Vojtěch Brtnický, Michael Romanovský
Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s.
Co-producer: Tanec Praha z.ú./ PONEC – the dance venue
Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic
Special Thanks to: children and adults who visited our Sensory Studio for the Little Ones, Daniela Hazuková, Tereza Večerková and team of the PONEC –  the dance venue