For adults and children from 4 year-olds

Duration 35 mins
+ 15 minutes reflection through a workshop on the stage

The “field version” of the performance is adapted for non-theatrical spaces.

How does a cow dance? The production is inspired by illustrator Tereza Říčanová’s real cow Málina and Bára Látalová’s desire to appear in one of Tereza’s books.

The cow is a huge animal, a warm, panting body, a friend. Everyday life with her became such a powerful experience for Tereza that her brush and paper were no longer enough, and gradually they started to create a theatre show about and for the cow. An original duet was born, a dialogue between animal and human, performer and audience, artist and dancer.

The performance is dedicated to Málina, who went to cow heaven in autumn 2020.


authors: Tereza Říčanová, Barbora Látalová
performers: Tereza Říčanová, Barbora Látalová / Helena Arenbergerová
visual concept: Tereza Říčanová
sound: Petr  Zábrodský
Production: Lucia Račková
producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s.
co-production:  TANEC PRAHA / PONEC – the dance venue 
supported by: Magistrát Hl. m. Prahy, Ministerstvo kultury ČR