Plody Ostružiny is a week-long celebration of the association’s 5th birthday. During the week of September 21-26, 2021, we will present all of our current performances for children and adults, including an accompanying programme. Friday and Saturday’s programme is also presented as part of Deafember—Hearing Impaired Persons Month—and so our shows, The Carnival of the Animals and Goats Horsing Around will be presented in a version for deaf audiences for the first time.

We’ll begin picking the fruits on Tuesday, September 21 at 17:00 with a family lab SouHra, which we’ll perform in the LV&C Studio 8 space. Physics class lovers and haters alike are invited to Ponec Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 10:00 for Dance and Physics. On Friday, Sept. 24, enjoy the The Carnival of the Animals and on Saturday, Sept. 25, Goats Horsing Around, both at 17:00 in Ponec Theatre. On Sunday, Sept. 26 at 16:00, we’ll air the premiere of The Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud at Kampa Park. Sunday’s program then continues in ALTA studio with an audio version of DIFFERENT?

For the weekend we have prepared for you, in addition to the performances, an accompanying programme:

On Saturday morning, it will be Pink Training with the phenomenal Italian duo Segni mossi, which we have prepared for professionals in the dance, art and education fields in collaboration with the artistic association ZDRUHESTRANY and ALTA studio. On Saturday afternoon there will be a screen printing workshop with art themes by Tereza Říčanová in PONEC theatre from 15:30 and after the performance of Goats Horsing Around there will be a book signing and the opportunity to buy the newly published children’s book, KRÁVA ŘÍČANOVÁ (ŘÍČANOVÁ’s COWS).

We’ll end the week-long celebration on Sunday, September 26 at 19:00 with a bonfire in the ALTA studio garden, where the Band of Jakeys will play from 19:00.

We look forward to meeting you and enjoying some bramble cake together.

Plody Oružiny is held thanks to the financial support of the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the SFK and to our long-term partners, Tanec Praha, Studio ALTA, KD Mlejn, ZDRUHESTRANY, ReziDance Komařice and the Municipal District of Prague 1. Media partners of Fruits of Bramble are OperaPlus, Deafember, Silent News / Tiché zprávy, COMMUNICATION OF THE HEARING IMPAIRED WEEK.


21. 9. | 17:00

LV&C_Studio 8,
Na Košince 8, Praha 8

You are invited to join in a game about what can and can’t be seen. Come with your children, parents, family members and relatives. Your fellow players will be your imagination and creativity and Bára, Zdenka, Jan and Václav—wear loose, comfortable clothing to move around in.

Each participant becomes a witness to the consequences of their own decisions. It is an important moment—it is the audience together with the performers who create a shared experience. 

Concept, creation, interpretation: J. Bárta, Z. Brungot Svíteková, B. Látalová | musical collaboration, creation, interpretation: V. Kalivoda | dramaturgical collaboration: E. Rosemarijn | Production: L. Račková | Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s. 

With the support: MHMP, MKČR, Tanec Praha, NuDance fest, Modra DK, studio Alta
thank you to: P. Fornayová, S.Lotker, U. Guildhuis, D. Hlaváč

The performance has a limited capacity. Ticket reservation at:

For adults and children from 5 years
Tickets (at the door): adult 150 Kč, child/ student/ senior: 100 Kč
Capacity limited, ticket reservations by e-mail:

Dance and physics Fg = G [(m1x m2) / r²]

23. 9. | 10:00 hod

PONEC – the dance venue,
Husitská 24a, Praha 3

Can dance be defined as a simple back and forth movement in the gravitational field?

Gravity is a fundamental force of nature, a very attractive one. It sculpts the Universe, it warps space and time. It is thanks to the powers of gravity that we are able to live on the planet Earth as well as to discover outer space. And because of gravity, we can even change our understanding of the Universe.” say the authors of the performance.

The performance playfully interacts with principles of physics and thus stages its laws as a real, tangible physical experience.

Generator: B. Látalová, Z. Brungot Svíteková | Output and input: B. Látalová/ M. Vodenka, Z. Brungot Svíteková | Light rays: Š. Hejzlar | Vibrant chords: A. Novotný, D. Hlaváč | catalyst: L. Karásek | Teleportation, deskriptive geometry: L. Račková | Main engine: OSTRUŽINA z.s. | Auxiliary: Tanec Praha z.ú./ PONEC – dance venue 
Fuel: MHMP, MKČR  
additional forces: ZŠ Cimburkova, M. Milner, Youtube, NASA, Wikipedia, B. Greene, M. Tegmark, I. Newton, A. Einstein, Big Bang, Černá díra, S. Martin | for elementary particles thank you to: L. Nouwkens, K. Housková, J. Beneš, J. Dörner, T. Měcháček, M. Beneš a E. Vlachová

For adults and children from 6 years
Tickets (GoOut): 50 - 280 Kč
45 min + 20 min workshop on stage

The Carnival of the Animals

24. 9. | 17:00

PONEC – the dance venue,
Husitská 24a, Praha 3

An interactive dance performance for children (5–12 years) based on the suite of the same name by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. The multimedia production combines movement and dance with video projections, original music and sound, while also playing with light and shade, silence and stillness.

Audience Award, Best Light Design Award Czech Dance Platform 2014

Concept: B. Látalová | Dramaturgy: H. Strejčková | Musical direction: P. Rinowski | created and performed by: B. Látalová, J. Látalová / I. Zotova Mikshina, V. Sagulová (hearing impaired version), M. Suša , Z. Brungot Svíteková / J. Novorytová | Expert collaboration on the hearing impaired version: Zoja Mikotová | Consultants for hearing impaired version: K. Herčíková, M. Kosiecová, L. Štádlerová | Visual concept:: M. Stránská | Videoart: P. Krušelnický, J. Hrdlička, V. Vaněk | Light design: R. Štěpánek | Sound direction: P. Krušelnický | Light direction: R. Štěpánek / P. Havrda |production: L. Račková | Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s. | Co-producer: Tanec Praha z.ú./ PONEC – divadlo pro tanec |Thank you to: T. Vergès, D. Nekardová, technici divadla PONEC, K. Markovičová, M. Pešková 

With the support: MHMP, MKČR, SFK, MČ Praha / Prague 3 district, Nadace Život umělce Foundation

Partners: French Institute in Prague, Czech Centres, Studio Truhlárna, Lunchmeat, VOSTO5, Strašnické divadlo, KD Mlejn


For adults and children from 5 years
Tickets (GoOut): 50 – 280 Kč
Czech sign language used in performance

Goats Horsing Around

25. 9. | 17:00

PONEC – the dance venue
Husitská 24a, Praha 3

How does a cow dance? 

The production is inspired by illustrator Tereza Říčanová’s real cow Málina and Bára Látalová’s desire to appear in one of Tereza’s books. 

The cow is a huge animal, a warm, panting body, a friend. Everyday life with her became such a powerful experience for Tereza that her brush and paper were no longer enough, and gradually they started to create a theatre show about and for the cow. An original duet was born, a dialogue between animal and human, performer and audience, artist and dancer. 

The performance is dedicated to Málina, who went to cow heaven in autumn 2020.

Screen printing workshop in the foyer of the theatre from 15:30 h with motives by Tereza Říčanová.
After the performance a book signing of the newly published children’s book, KRÁVA ŘÍČANOVÁ, Baobab

authors: Barbora Látalová, Tereza Říčanová | performers: Barbora Látalová / Helena Arenbergerová, Tereza Říčanová | Czech sign language interpretation: Radka Kulichová | visual concept: Tereza Říčanová | light design: Pavel Havrda | sound: Tomáš Vtípil, Petr Zábrodský | dramaturgy: Eva Rosemarijn | Production: Lucia Račková
Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s. | Coproducer: Tanec Praha z.ú./ PONEC – divadlo pro tanec
supported by: MKČR, MHMP

thank you to:: Málina, Jakoubek, Z. Brungot Svíteková, K. Linek, A. Konečná, H. Vondrů, C. Noronha, D. Stansbury, T. Rose, Lazy Pigs, A. Jerman

For adults and children from 4 years
Tickets (GoOut): 50 – 280 Kč
Czech sign language used in performance

 Segni mossi: Pink training (IT)

workshop pro profesionály

25. 9. | 09:00

Studio ALTA,
Sokolovská 136/24, Praha 8

Workshop with Italian couple Segni Mossi for artists, dancers, educators, art therapists and for all who are interested in the combination of movement and visual art  in lightness, surprise and unexpected

In collaboration with: ZDRUHESTRANY, Studio ALTA
Supported by: MHMP

Tickets: 1000Kč
Reservation at:

Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud
auDIO #260921

26. 9. | 16:00

Kampa – park in front of cafe Mlýnská,
Praha 1

Audio for park areas in urban environments, spatial composition for listeners in motion and in stillness.

Move to your heart’s content!


Referring to Wikipedia, DIY stands for a culture in which a person makes a useful product that serves him/herself or other people without professional support. However, Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud is not just DIY, it is auDIODo It OurselvesLet’s Make It Together!

We will meet individually. Together and individually, we will perform the spatial composition Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud alone and together, following a specially created audioguide.

*Bring a charged phone with WiFi connection and headphones

* Connect to WiFi Ostružina, password: Reproduktor / the recording will be accessible only thru this WiFi  /other WiFi or on data will not be able to play it/

concept, creation, interpretation:: B. Látalová, Z. Brungot Svíteková | interpretation: R. Packová | voice in the recording /czech version/: N. Měcháček | sound collaboration and editing: P. Zábrodský | technical cooperation:  T. Mládek, production: L. Račková | Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s.
With the support of:  MKČR, MHMP
Partners: Tanec Praha z.ú/ PONEC – dance venue, GAMU, Café na půl cesty

The recording contains audio tracks by: Martin Roth, Heaven Street Seven, Onuka, BBC archive, Konrad Korabiewski, Ladislav Železný

For adults and children from 6 years


audio version

26. 9. | 18:00

studio ALTA,
Sokolovská 136/24, Praha 8

DIFFERENT? is neither a duality, nor separation or delimitation.
It is about plurality of opinions. About sharing a space. It is about listening, deciding and taking actions that together create a whole. 

DIFFERENT? is a shared space where boundaries are permeable and flexible. It’s up to each of us how and where we set them.  

The audio version of DIFFERENT? was created as a radio documentary for Czech Radio in 2016. The recording uses original footage from the participatory dance performance DIFFERENT? and residencies during the creation. 

Authors of the audio piece and of the performance: B. Látalová, Z. Brungot Svíteková | Sound mastering: R. Dlesk | Dramaturgy and direction E. Nachmilnerová 

Production: ČR Vltava

Supported by: MHMP, MKČR

For adults and children from 12 years

Band of Jakeys


26. 9. | 19:00

Studio ALTA,
Sokolovská 136/24, Praha 8

Sitting and dancing by the bonfire with the Blackberries and the Band of Jakeys. Classic and modern country, blues, bluegrass, and music of rural America with Jimmie Bozeman, Tony Rose a Dalton Stansbury. 

For adults and kids

Supported by:



Media partners

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Capital City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture.