For adults and children from 6 year-olds

Duration 30 mins

Audio for park areas in urban environments, spatial composition for listeners in motion and in stillness.

Move to your heart’s content!

Referring to Wikipedia, DIY stands for a culture in which a person makes a useful product that serves him/herself or other people without professional support. However, Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud is not just DIY, it is DIO—Do It Ourselves—Let’s Make It Together!

We will meet individually. Together and individually, we will perform the spatial composition Complex Galaxy Speaking Out Loud alone and together, following a specially created audioguide.

*Bring a charged phone with WiFi connection and headphones
* Connect to Wi-Fi: Ostružina, password: reproduktor / the recording will be accessible only through this specially prepared Wi-Fi network. /
* The recording will be than accessible through link

concept, creation, interpretation: Barbora Látalová, Zden Brungot Svíteková
interpretation: Romana Packová/ Андрій Галаджун
voice in the recording: Nikita Měcháček (CZE), Rory Beneš (ANJ), Adam Linchak (UKR)
sound collaboration and editing: Petr Zábrodský
technical cooperation: Tomáš Mládek
production, technical direction: Lucia Račková
Producer: OSTRUŽINA z.s.
With the support of: MKČR, MHMP
Partners: Tanec Praha z.ú/ PONEC—dance venue, GAMU, Café na půl cesty

The recording contains audio tracks by: Martin Roth, Heaven Street Seven, Onuka, BBC archive, Konrad Korabiewski, Ladislav Železný

premiere: 2021, Kampa Park Prague